INTERMITTENT FASTING: While In Nutritional Ketosis….HOW?

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Explaining how to intermittent fast while in nutritional state of ketosis. And how to maintain 6-9 percent body fat.


stephanie fitskater says:

Sumayya my Facebook is: stephanie person skater

WEBSITE: stephanie person dot com

Sumayya Selassie says:

I can’t find you on Facebook, can you please give me your website link. I really wanna try this but I’m a vegan, pls help! Thanks

stephanie fitskater says:

CHEERS Jason!!

stephanie fitskater says:

No ketone meter and no ketostix for me. Too much work… LOL just keep your carbs around 5 percent or around 10-15, moderate protein and super high fat. ALL GOOD!

stephanie fitskater says:

Ketostix are not accurate at all depending on how much water you drink or kidney reaction. Yikes.. don’t slip. You can do it :) 

PlaceOfYes says:

OMG I think I might be in ketosis!! I just used those ketostix to test…is that accurate? It was the same color as the *small* amount! I can’t believe it! But I’ve slipped up a couple times in the last week to 10 days…are those strips accurate?

PlaceOfYes says:

Do you test with ketostix or blood? Also, what is ur pain in ur knee pre and post keto-adapted lifestyle? Also, do you have any b4 and after pictures pre and post keto-lifestyle? You are so cute! You remind me of Sarah Jessica Parker.

Jason Altidor says:

You look great Stephanie, and the diet is motivating! :)

Grazi Olivera says:

I’ve been on Keto for three weeks, and I am getting real bad insomnia (ita 4:00am right now and Im wide awake) , Is this normal? what can I do to go to bed!?

stephanie fitskater says:

Aw… thank Ya thank ya Cleo

Cleo Cenci says:

U are the business! U keep me motivated! Go girl!

stephanie fitskater says:

Hey kat G

Ceylon is super medicinal and helps lower blood sugar helping keto adaption. And it tastes AMAZING!

stephanie fitskater says:

LOL Thanks urhoboman5. Yes, I’ve seen the twins.. They’re a bit too much for me but sometimes have good info. You must be young. on the outside you feel great consuming a high carb diet. On the inside your body is going through glycation end product and the stacking up of insulin in the blood which is seriously toxic. The shite creeps up on you one day and BLAM.. Stuff starts effecting you.

stephanie fitskater says:

Awesome.. add MCTs :)

stephanie fitskater says:

Hm? white rice, not sure if you are fat adapted :)  IT IS POSSIBLE!

stephanie fitskater says:

LOL keep up your saturated fats and MCTs :)

stephanie fitskater says:

Hi sex77sexo

As long as your raw veggies are not too fibrous as well as have a low amount of phytic acid, raw can be great!

stephanie fitskater says:

Remember upping you fats, MCTs and adding minerals in you ketogenic diet can help the transition significantly:)

stephanie fitskater says:

Thank Ya hardass77

stephanie fitskater says:

LOL tophat52.. in some people age is just a number :) Thanks for the support!

tophat52 says:

Omg!!!! Did you say 46????….you are freaking hot and gorgeous! Your so inspiring. Your totally awesome.

hardass77 says:

You look stunning!!!!!

A M says:

Very thoughtful advice about waiting until the body is optimally keto-adapted before attempting IF. Otherwise, in addition to feeling like “crap,” it can create too much stress for the body. Thank you, for another great video, Stephanie.

sex7sexo says:

Cooked ketogenic diet its a start.. But an entire raw keyogenic diet would be preferable.

Em See Rashenel says:

Intermittent fasting is awesome. I was already doing intermittent fasting with body weight training and Insanity workout when I came across your Keto diet videos. The addition of the Keto diet to the intermittent fasting is getting me the results that I’ve been looking for. I will have to try the MCT oil because of your recommendations. You haven’t led me wrong yet so I’m keeping my money on (It ain’t all that serious. Well, half way kidding.)

sex7sexo says:

Some cold pressed olive oil and ocasional vegetables.. Only local wild watercress juice.. As for protein, its moderatly high as im a football player..before trains i refeed my body maybe 150 g of white rice here in im not in ketosis,but fat adapted..maybe ? :) keep the videos coming and sorry for my bad english..just wanted to share

sex7sexo says:

I cant build muscle in ketosis..only mantaining. And loose body fat..but carbs like white rice (no fructose) and raw meat, make it so easy to gain muscle and strenght. It looks like you eat some raw animal products ;) keep it up . The benefit ive experienced while in ketosis was stable and long energy..less hunger..well, but a cooked ketogenic diet its not very healthy, compared with a raw ketogenic one.. Wich is sort of what i eat.. Mainly fats raw eggs,raw butter, raw beef fat,

Urhoboman5 says:

You’re 46? As in years old??? (O_0)
Mindblown! You’ve got a body more fit than DUDES half your age.
Ketosis seems a little too complex. After watching this and reading online, I still don’t quite get it. My regimen is high carb s in the morning, more preotien and simple sugars middday and more protein(less sugar/carbs) by the end of the day. 1 hour cardio 3 times a week. So far I’m getting results similar to yours.
Are you subscribed to the Hodgetwins? :-D

kat G says:

Awesome !!!! Great Info !!! Is the Ceylon Cinnamon and energy booster ..?

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